New Study: Active Ingredient in Metabolic Switch Induces Ketosis

A recent study published in the Journal of American Nutrition Association shows that bis hexanoyl (R)-1,3-butanediol (BH-BD), the active ingredient in Metabolic Switch®, induces ketosis. BH-BD, also known as C6 ketone di-ester, is a proprietary ingredient developed by Juvenescence Portfolio company, BHB Therapeutics in partnership with The Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Researchers studied the beverage form of Metabolic Switch® to determine whether consumption of BH-BD effectively induces exogenous ketosis in healthy adults at rest within thirty minutes. None of the eight participants were following a low carb diet.

“It can take several days to get into nutritional ketosis when following a ketogenic diet, while fasting (no food or caloric beverages) can take 24 hours or more,” says Brianna Stubbs, PhD, an expert in exogenous ketone metabolism. “It’s exciting to demonstrate that consuming this ketone ester can reduce that time to 30 minutes, without requiring a stringent dietary plan.”

Scientists have become increasingly interested in the health benefits of ketones with evidence that ketone bodies impact a wide range of outcomes including cognitive function, physical performance, glucose control, and appetite regulation.

Stubbs is quick to point out that taking ketone esters is not a replacement for a healthy diet. She notes that “in order to maintain a healthy weight, eating whole foods and maintaining caloric equilibrium are essential for optimal health.” Instead, she recommends that people understand that drinking ketone esters can support the benefits of ketosis without following a ketogenic diet or fasting.

“Ketosis and BHB are being extensively researched for multiple, diverse health benefits,” says Dr. Greg Bailey, Chief Executive Officer of Juvenescence. “This study, using the exogenous ketone Metabolic Switch®, demonstrated significant increase in blood BHB. Once in the blood, BHB is an excellent source of energy for cells, so this is an exciting outcome. We’re thrilled to be able to bring the benefits of ketosis to people in a simple beverage that fits easily into anyone’s lifestyle.”

Metabolic Switch® is available in unflavored powder, which can be mixed into a beverage or health drink, and ready to drink in Chocolate Nitro flavor, for ketosis on the go. Both Metabolic Switch® Powder ($49.99) and Metabolic Switch® Drink ($34.99) are available on and Amazon.

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