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The brain nutrient you never knew you needed.

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Cognitive Switch Ketone Di-Ester Powder
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Cognitive Switch Ketone Di-Ester Powder

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Get Focused. Stay Energized.

Just one scoop delivers optimal ketone levels for enhanced focus, mental clarity and sustained energy without the crash. Even better, it provides a creamy, frothy texture for your coffee, matcha, or protein shakes.  Best to pair with food, especially fats and proteins, to avoid stomach upset which can happen on an empty stomach!

12.5g ketone di-ester per serving

  • Gets You Into Rapid Ketosis: Clinically proven to get you into ketosis in just 30 minutes.
  • Enhanced Mental Focus: When your brain is burning ketones for fuel, it can sharpen your focus and improve concentration on demanding tasks.
  • Energy Without the Crash: Say goodbye to the afternoon slump with sustained energy that won’t cause the crashes that caffeine and stimulants would.
  • Complete Flexibility: This unflavored formula is easy to add into your coffee or favorite health drinks. We recommend a hand frother for an even better texture.
  • Supports Brain Health: The ketones that your body creates from drinking Cognitive Switch are an efficient source of energy for the brain, helping to enhance neural function.

Flavorless with a light and creamy, frothy texture when mixed into your drinks.


Energized focus, boosted mental clarity and that indescribable ‘in the zone’ feeling that can supercharge your productivity, and have you feeling ready to take on the day.

Nutrition Info

Only 3 ingredients, including 12.5g of our exclusive C8 Ketone di-ester.

  • 0g Fat
  • 0g Sugar
  • 3g Carbohydrate
  • 2g Protein
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavors
  • No caffeine or stimulants
  • [Read the label]
Our Tips

We highly recommend pairing Cognitive Switch with some food, especially protein or fat, to avoid stomach upset which can happen if taken on empty stomach.

Cognitive Switch powder mixes especially well using a hand frother or whisk; mixing with a fork or spoon can sometimes leave some clumps!

    Kickstart your morning routine

    Dial up focus and concentration

    Get sustained energy without the crash

    What are ketones?

    Ketones are the key backup evolutionary brain fuel that our bodies naturally produce when glucose is in short supply.

    Your brain loves running on ketones because they are efficient, which results in heightened mental performance – including focus, mental clarity and concentration.

    When your ketone levels are elevated, you're in ketosis. There are three ways to get into ketosis: dietary carbohydrate restriction, fasting or ingestion of exogenous ketones.

    How to use Cognitive Switch

    How to Use


    How to Use


    How to Use


    How to Use


    • Clinically proven to deliver rapid results.

    Why we created Cognitive Switch.

    Ketosis can be a powerful tool, but the options for accessible ketosis were falling short. They either didn’t pack enough punch to deliver high enough ketone levels to get you into ketosis, or they hit you with a taste that was anything but pleasant – not to mention the steep prices.

    That’s why we partnered with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging to develop a product that checks all the boxes: a potent and safe active ingredient, optimal ketone levels to reach the therapeutic threshold of ketosis, real feel-good benefits, a taste that makes for an enjoyable addition to your daily routine, all at a value that makes sense.

    Our team is proud to make the benefits of ketosis accessible and enjoyable, and even more so to be a part of our customer’s journeys – no matter what they’re looking to achieve with Cognitive Switch.

    Proven Benefits

    Clinically proven to get your body into ketosis in just 30 minutes. Being in a state of ketosis provides your brain with an efficient fuelt to give you a boost in focus, mental clarity, and energy.

    Read the study here >

    Optimized Formula

    Energy for your brain and body without caffeine or stimulants. Our formula also contains no sugar, artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors or flavors.

    Juv Labs Product Facts
    Best in Class Flavor

    Finally, there's a delicious ketone ester. Gets you into ketosis without the bitter or harsh taste that effective ketone products typically have.

    How to Use

    Start slow. 1 scoop of powder or half a bottle with a full meal to avoid an potential stomach discomfort as you get used to the active ingredient. It's potent and proven, so your body needs to ramp up.

    From the Experts Who Created Cognitive Switch

    We’ve gone above and beyond the requirements for a nutritional foods and conducted multiple clinical studies to prove that our product does what we say it does – get your body into ketosis.

    7 Years of Research
    2 Human Clinical Studies
    Dr. Eric Verdin, President & CEO, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

    “Ketosis is a fundamental metabolic state pivotal to our wellbeing and key to brain health, yet it’s a state most people don’t reach often enough. We partnered with Juvenescence to develop a product that delivers ketosis in a way that no other method can – rapid ketosis, a potent and safe active ingredient, and a great taste that makes it accessible for everyone.”

    - Dr. Eric Verdin, President & CEO, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
    Dr. Brianna Stubbs, PhD, Lead Translational Scientist, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

    “Ketones have such huge potential for impact because they both provide energy on a fundamental level, but also signal to our bodies to activate pathways associated with health. Even though I've been researching ketones for over 10 years, I still get excited every day about what we might find next.”

    - Dr. Brianna Stubbs, PhD, Lead Translational Scientist, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

    The science behind Cognitive Switch

    • Our white paper  

      Our white paper

      Learn more about the scientific evidence that is the reason we created Cognitive Switch to focus on brain and cognition support.

    • Our latest study  

      Our latest study

      Read our latest peer-reviewed scientific paper that shows our new C8 ketone di-ester induces ketosis in healthy adults.



    What is Cognitive Switch?

    Cognitive Switch is a new C8 Ketone Di-ester drink that gives your body the building blocks to create ketones, which are an efficient brain fuel that help you boost your mental performance and support brain health. 


    Cognitive Switch is our new and improved formula, whichhas been reformulated. We’ll be honest, our original Chocolate Nitro drink and Unflavored powder worked great for elevating ketones but tasted terrible. Our team focused on improving taste, which has resulted in a new ketone di-ester that you will enjoy drinking. The name change from Metabolic Switch to Cognitive Switch is to more accurately describe the benefits that are most loved by our customers and most promising in published scientific research.


    The powder and beverage are both ketone ester products with the same health benefits. The main difference is in how you consume them. For customers looking for a pre-mixed, ready-to-consume option, our ketone ester beverage is the easy go-to.Our flavorless mix-in powder has the benefit of flexibility. You can add it to water, your favorite health beverage, or coffee. For strict keto dieters, it also contains no net carbs.  


    Just like when you add a new food to your diet, your body may need time to adapt to this new macronutrient. We recommend starting with just a ½ bottle of the drink and consuming it with food. It tastes even more refreshing served chilled. We recommend up to 2 servings daily of either powder or drink (25g total of C8 Ketone Di-ester). We always recommend consulting your trusted health care provider before adopting lifestyle changes such as consumption of Cognitive Switch.


    The best time to drink it is the time that works best for you! People like to drink it to kickstart their morning routine, during the day to get in the zone and increase productivity, oruse it as a nice afternoon energy boost to get over the slump. Consume up to 2 servings/day. 


    The C8 Ketone Di-ester is made up of two unique precursors (di means two): C8 (hexanoic acid) esterified to one part (R) 1,3-butanediol. C8 fatty acid is converted to BHB ketones using the pathway you’d usually use to make ketones. The other precursor is converted in an alternate natural pathway.Your body now has ketones to use for brain fuel and energy, which is an efficient energy source because they are easy to break down and produce a high amount of energy when used by cells.