Juvenescence’s Latest Venture, MDI Therapeutics, Inc., Targeting Fibrotic Disease

Juvenescence Ltd., a biopharmaceutical company focused on treating aging and age-related disease, is pleased to announce its new equity investment in MDI Therapeutics, Inc. (“MDI”), a Michigan-based company developing novel serpin-based therapies for the treatment of fibrosis and fibroproliferative disorders. Juvenescence will provide MDI with up to $9 million in Series A financing and collaborate with MDI to advance its lead program through Phase 1 clinical trials.

“MDI has developed deep proprietary expertise in the biology of serine protease inhibitors (“serpins”), a class of proteins associated with coronary heart disease, thrombosis and chronic fibrotic and inflammatory diseases,” said Juvenescence’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Grazia Piizzi. “Serpins have historically been a challenging target for pharmaceutical development, but MDI has shown that they can successfully use their proprietary high throughput screening platform to find novel drug candidates. Their lead program, a first-in-class orally available Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor (PAI-1) inhibitors, has demonstrated efficacy in multiple preclinical models of fibrosis and thrombosis, as well as a promising pharmacokinetic and safety profile. These data were particularly impressive compared to other small molecule inhibitors of PAI-1 that have been studied in humans.”

“Extensive scientific evidence points clearly to PAI-1’s involvement in fibrosis and thrombosis” said Dr. Steve Felstead, Juvenescence’s Head of Development Projects. “By successfully targeting PAI-1, MDI may provide a powerful new tool for the treatment of these common and devastating diseases of aging.”

Stephen Benoit, MDI’s President & CEO, said, “MDI’s mission is to unlock the therapeutic potential of serpin biology for the benefit of patients diagnosed with chronic fibrotic and inflammatory diseases. Juvenescence’s broad drug development expertise and their deep commitment to, and expertise in, diseases of aging make them an ideal collaborator for us as we strive to rapidly advance our lead PAI-1 program into the clinic.

About MDI Therapeutics, Inc.

MDI Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on developing novel serpin-based therapies for the treatment of fibrosis and fibroproliferative disorders. The company was founded on key enabling technologies developed at the University of Michigan in the labs of co-founder Dr. Daniel A. Lawrence, PhD, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine. MDI’s lead program is a first-in-class orally available plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1) inhibitor. For more information: https://mditherapeutics.com

About Juvenescence LTD

Juvenescence Ltd. is a life sciences company developing therapies to modify aging and increase healthy human lifespan. It was founded by Jim Mellon, }Dr. Greg Bailey and Dr. Declan Doogan. The Juvenescence team consists of highly experienced drug developers, entrepreneurs, marketers and investors with a significant history of success in the pharmaceutical and consumer health sectors. The company is committed to inspiring and equipping the world to not just reimagine what it means to get older but to help people reimagine their lifetime.

Juvenescence has a broad portfolio of products in development and is driving innovation amongst two divisions: JuvTherapeutics— Focused on traditional prescription medicines to modify aging and prevent diseases, and JuvLife— Consumer products that manage aging and help increase health span. For more information: https://www.juvlabs.com

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