Forbes: ‘Extraordinary breakthroughs in Anti-Aging Research ‘Will Happen Faster Than People Think’

Scientific breakthroughs in anti-aging research have been occurring at an exponential pace, as highlighted in Forbes featuring Juvenescence CEO, Dr. Gregory Bailey, MD.

Anti-aging, as a big business, comes with skepticism that is caused by a plethora of anti-aging products that are not effective, but with extraordinary breakthroughs in progress in the longevity space and at Juvenescence with its partner companies, science fiction is becoming science.

The fundamental biological processes that lead to aging are being increasingly understood, due to the convergence of scientific knowledge with novel technologies.

Juvenescence’s partner companies AgeX TherapeuticsLyGenesis and Insilico Medicine were also mentioned in the article and listed among the top 10 companies working to increase longevity, as ranked by Nanalyze, a website which offers information for investors on emerging technologies.

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