Longevity Technology: ‘Greg Bailey on Democratizing Healthcare, Paradigm Shifts & Disruptive Technologies’

Dr. Gregory Bailey, MD, CEO of Juvenescence talks with Longevity Technology to share his thoughts on the longevity field and future plans for Juvenescence.

In Part 1, Dr. Bailey discusses the origins of Juvenescence as well as his belief that the nascent longevity industry is reaching an inflection point. Greg stresses that Juvenescence does not hold the sole aim of increasing lifespan; the main priority is to increase healthspan and ensure people are living healthier for longer.

In Part 2, he discusses democratising healthcare, paradigm shifts and disruptive technologies. Dr. Bailey shares his insights on educating investors on the longevity field, how healthcare is going to be personalized – and democratized – in the future, and which types of investors see the most potential in longevity.

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