Allure: ‘Our Average Life Expectancy Could Increase to 115 Years Very Soon’

What does the future of aging really look like? Dr. Gregory Bailey, MD, CEO of Juvenescence shares his insights with Allure. He discusses the shifts driving change: increasing lifespan in humans, a burst of investment in the longevity space and Juvenescence’s plans to bring the future of aging to life.

Dr. Bailey discusses how treating aging is about preventing the diseases that are age-related, and how a growing number of companies are recognizing this is now possible – fueling interest and research with the goal of creating consumer therapies.

Dr. Bailey also shares a preview of Juvenescence’s upcoming plans to deliver its first science-backed consumer product later this year, in partnership with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, that induces a state of ketosis. He explains the reason the product was created and how it can help support a person’s healthy aging journey.

"If we can figure out how to slow aging, we push out all 10 leading causes of death," Dr. Greg Bailey, MD, CEO of Juvenescence.

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