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Why Metabolic Switch Is Right for You

Have you been thinking of trying the keto diet, but don’t know where to start? Or do you find limiting certain foods at certain times, like carbs or sugar, helps you feel better even if you don’t follow a specific diet? Or perhaps you’re just looking for tools to assist your keto lifestyle which boosts your energy, focus, and metabolism every morning? If any of the above questions resonate with you, Metabolic Switch® might be a great addition to your morning routine.


Metabolic Switch® is a ketone ester drink or powder that you consume to help put your body into nutritional ketosis. Ketosis occurs when your body doesn’t get enough fuel from carbs and so your liver processes fat to create ketone bodies as an alternative fuel source, a process known as ketogenesis. When blood ketone levels reach a certain point, you are considered to be in nutritional ketosis.

Ketone ester products are relatively new foods and supplements. Most of them work by delivering butanediol (BD), a substance known as a ketone precursor. The butanediol is then broken down into ketones.

Metabolic Switch® is a bit different. It is broken down by the body into both butanediol and two fatty acids (C6). The fatty acids stimulate natural ketogenesis, which causes the body to create ketones that are biologically identical to ones created naturally when fasting.

You are considered to be in ketosis, when ketone levels in the blood are elevated.


Ketosis is best known for its effects on weight loss. Following a keto diet can help reduce your appetite, ultimately leading to a lower calorie intake. A lower carb intake steadies normal blood glucose levels, which is good for your metabolism. Some research also shows that the keto diet can help improve health span in mice. Some researchers also believe that ketosis also helps with brain health, focus, and cognition.

Ketone bodies may have positive effects whether they are produced by following a keto diet or by consuming ketone esters. Research shows that ketone bodies activate a variety of genetic pathways that could play a role in healthy aging, as well as having beneficial effects on metabolism and overall health.

The keto diet is difficult and not for everyone. But if you’re living the keto lifestyle or generally trying to feel healthier, Metabolic Switch® can provide a daily keto boost and help you get back on track for those moments when your body might have dropped out of ketosis.


Ketone ester products, whether they come as a drink or powder, offer the same health benefits. The difference is in how you consume them. The powder is the most flexible and has a milder flavor than ketone ester drinks. You can easily add the powder to your breakfast by mixing it with a cold or hot drink. It also offers the best value per serving. And for those following a strict keto diet, the powder does not contain any net carbs.

If you’re looking for convenience, the ready-to-drink beverage is pre-mixed with chocolate to help mask the taste of the di-ester, which some find bitter but folks can get used to quite quickly. It’s best served chilled, and the bottle makes it convenient to pack along for ketosis-on-the-go.

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Metabolic Switch® Drink


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Metabolic Switch® Powder



Like with any new change in diet, it’s best to start slow. Your body may need time to adapt to Metabolic Switch®. Start by taking a single serving with food.

Some people like to take Metabolic Switch® daily. Others prefer a few times a week. It’s totally up to you. Some people like to consume it in the morning, while others like the energy boost it provides in the afternoon. Choose a routine that works for you and stick with it.

Hint: Check out our user guide for more tips on getting started with Metabolic Switch®.


Whether you’re a seasoned keto dieter or just looking to try something new to improve your health, Metabolic Switch® could be a great tool to add to your daily or weekly routine.