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Juvenescence’s Metabolic Switch: Your Path to Ketosis

Anybody who has attempted the keto diet knows that sticking to it is hard work. Sure, there is ample scientific evidence for its health benefits: weight loss, supporting mental clarity and a healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels.

But realizing those personal advances requires real commitment. Pursuing a ketogenic diet demands that dieters drastically cut the carbohydrates they consume while increasing fat and keeping protein at moderate levels.

That’s easier said than done in real life — it’s no fun to be the one who turns down a piece of birthday cake or who needs to ask for substitutions when ordering at a restaurant. Everyone slips up here and there, and even those who don’t adhere to a keto lifestyle would like to realize its potentially revolutionary health-promoting outcomes.

The problem is that one bite of cake or potato can be enough to knock a dieter out of ketosis, the natural metabolic state sought after through a keto diet where the body burns fat for energy instead of carbs.

You are considered to be in ketosis, when ketone levels in the blood are elevated. This is a normal state that occurs in the body whenever you don’t have enough sugars (carbohydrates) to burn for energy.

For many reasons, not everyone can stick to the strict dietary requirements necessary to get into and maintain ketosis. That’s why Juvenescence created Metabolic Switch®, a product that puts ketosis and its many health benefits within reach for everyone.


There’s a good reason why so many people keep hearing their healthy friends and doctors talking about “keto” eating and ketosis. In this state, their livers start producing ketone bodies, which are organic molecules built out of fatty acids that the body can burn for energy. Dieters can begin experiencing the benefits of a keto diet when this process kicks into full gear.

Ketones (or Ketone Bodies)
Compounds produced by the liver when the body’s primary fuel source is in short supply. This “back-up” fuel can help power the body when needed.

Several other companies have marketed ketone supplements. But rather than simply adding ketones to the body as these other products do, Metabolic Switch® coaxes the body to start making ketones, a process called ketogenesis, which could impart the most exciting potential benefits of ketosis on improving health and increasing lifespan. Users can expect to experience a feeling of sustained energy and even improved cognition, mood and mental health.

The process during which ketones (or ketone bodies) are created to fuel the body. This process is triggered when sugars (carbohydrates) are in short supply

Metabolic Switch® is different because it contains a compound called C6 Ketone Di-ester. When a person consumes this molecule, the liver breaks it down into two things: the ketone body butanediol and fatty acids. Next, butanediol gets broken down into the ketones that fuel ketosis.

Meanwhile, the fatty acids stimulate ketogenesis, causing the body to create ketones naturally, just as it would during fasting or the keto diet. This is the critical difference between Metabolic Switch® and supplements containing ketone salts. Studies have proven that C6 triggers natural ketogenesis, signaling the liver to start synthesizing two kinds of ketone bodies in a ratio optimized to get the most out of ketosis. These particular ketone bodies, called beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and acetoacetate, are two molecules that researchers now understand are “the most consistently effective intervention to slow various effects of aging and prolong the lifespan of otherwise healthy mammals.”

After taking Metabolic Switch®, a consumer’s body will generate energy from these fatty acids instead of carbohydrates in the cellular power plants called mitochondria.

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By forcing the body to switch its energy production from carbs to fatty acids, Metabolic Switch® causes changes in cellular processes that could lead to several significant long-term health benefits. BHB, for instance, has been shown to activate a genetic program that slows aging and protects cells against damaging oxidative stress. Meanwhile, switching fuel sources from carbs to fatty acids will expose users’ cells to fewer sugar phosphates, the toxic metabolic intermediates of carb-based cellular metabolism. This switch could be one of the fundamental requirements to slow aging.

Juvenescence’s customers know that their family health histories and DNA aren’t their destiny. They work to live healthier today, to age better and to extend their lifespans. They know that answers to these health questions lie in revealing the mysteries hidden in our biochemistry.

While chronological aging is inevitable, our current health and biological age are under our control — as long as we have the right tools.