Juvenescence Portfolio company LyGenesis Featured in Hepatology

I was very excited to see the LyGenesis press release and the associated article published in the leading, peer reviewed journal, Hepatology. Every therapy is about the patient and this expansion of their platform to additional lymph tissue provides physicians with greater flexibility in utilizing this therapy for diabetics, patients with end stage renal disease and patients with liver failure.

I continue to marvel at the innovation and initiative of the scientific group at LyGenesis led by Dr. Eric Lagasse. Now we await the clinical results from the trial at Massachusetts General Hospital to see if we have a viable solution for the 60,000 patients in America annually who are evaluated for liver transplant. Of these 60% will never make the waiting list. These and many on the waiting list die (20 per day) while waiting for a liver. The LyGenesis approach can be transformative.

You can see the full press release here.

You can view the study here.