Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body primarily uses ketone bodies, produced from the breakdown of fats, as its primary source of energy instead of carbohydrates. There is a wide array of benefits that can be experienced while being in ketosis:

  • Efficient Fuel Utilization

    When your body is in ketosis, it is burning ketones for fuel. Ketones are an efficient fuel because they break down easily and produce a lot of energy when used by cells. They can fuel various bodily functions including the brain, heart and muscles.

  • Enhanced Cognitive Performance

    Your brain loves running on ketones because they are efficient, which results in heightened mental performance – including focus, mental clarity and concentration.

  • Stable Energy Levels

    Ketosis increases blood flow to the brain and stabilizes blood sugar levels, preventing energy spikes and crashes, resulting in sustained energy without a crash that a stimulant would cause.

Ketones provide fuel for the brain, heart and muscles, and because they are an efficient fuel, they can give a boost in cognitive performance, energy levels and recovery support.

However, getting into ketosis through dietary carbohydrate restriction or fasting can be counter to a training regimen, so ingesting exogenous ketones like Cognitive Switch gives your body the ability to create its own ketones, getting you into ketosis without restrictions.

Based on the benefits and emerging scientific evidence for ketone drinks, we suggest leveraging exogenous ketones as part of your post-workout strategy.

  • // FOCUS

    Sport is not merely physical. Cognitive performance plays a major role. Athletes can leverage ketosis to boost concentration and decision-making during training and competition.

  • // ENERGY

    From early morning workouts to transitioning to daily professional, academic, or personal pursuits – ketones can sustain energy and performance throughout the day and are a stimulant-free, sugar-free solution.

  • // REFUEL

    There is emerging evidence for the beneficial effect of ketone drinks on the rate of muscle and liver glycogen re-synthesis. Glycogen is a stored carbohydrate, you need to top it back up to perform again.


    There is emerging evidence for the effect of ketone drinks to preserve physical capacity in situations of overload training. Ketone drinks during intensified training with post-workout nutrition improved biomarkers of stress and helped athletes maintain output.

  • // SLEEP

    There is possibly a beneficial effect of ketone drinks on sleep quality after a stressor that would normally disrupt sleep, a key component for recovery, such as such as late-night exercise.

  • Read our recovery science brief

    Research into ketone drinks for recovery is in its early stages. Studies to date have used ketone mono-ester products that increase ketones above 2 mM, ketone di-esters like Cognitive Switch have not yet been studied specifically for these applications. Click the link below to read about the studies referenced above and the specific products used in them.


  • Our white paper

    Learn more about the scientific evidence that is the reason we created Cognitive Switch to focus on brain and cognition support.

    Read white paper
  • Our latest study

    Read our latest peer-reviewed scientific paper that shows our new C8 ketone di-ester induces ketosis in healthy adults.

    Read scientific paper

Available in ready-to-drink tropical beverage or flavorless mix-in powder.


The new products shattered my highest expectations. 

The liquid is in fact delicious.  Delicious and ketone ester never shared the same sentence before. The powder is very close to flavorless. I used a frother to blend it in my coffee and, it was a very pleasant creamer. The sustained-focus effect from this beverage was very pleasant. I am blown away by the new products.

Billy G., CA

A great focus and productivity hack.

Only drank a half of one to start and felt so much more focused! Have kept drinking. It gets me through my afternoon slump and I feel sharper, more productive and truly focused. It also tastes delicious! Would absolutely recommend.

Hannah B., CA

Great energy drink replacement

I have been taking my cognitive switch in the afternoon in replacement of an energy drink and it really helps get me through the end of my work day. I like the flavorless mix in powder because I can mix it into any beverage.

Robert L., TN