Why Cognitive Switch

Cognitive Switch ketone ester is backed by scientific research, designed to provide your brain with the fuel it needs for optimal function. With our exclusive discounts for Harrison Healthcare clients, you can invest in your cognitive health at an unparalleled value.

  • Tropical Drink: 25g

    Each shot has two servings
    Ready to drink as is
    Sold in 2ct / 6ct / 30 ct variations

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  • Unflavored Powder: 12.5g

    Each tub has 12 servings
    Mix into your favorite beverage
    Sold in 12 serving tub / 30 serving bag

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  • Unflavored Powder Packets: 12.5g  

    Unflavored Powder Packets: 12.5g

    Each packet is one serving
    Mix into your favorite beverage
    Sold in 6ct boxes

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