Foods high in vitamin D

Vitamin D - a Key Nutrient

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones as it helps our body use calcium. Evolving research suggests it may also support immune health, nerve and muscle function, and mental health. You can get vitamin D from some foods and make it in your skin with short sun exposure. Read on for tips to get the vitamin D you need!

Food sources:

Fortification is key:

  • Choose dairy milk and plant-based milk alternatives (e.g., pea protein, oat, flax milk, soy, almond, coconut, or rice) that are vitamin D-fortified.
  • Choose cereals, yogurts, eggs, and orange juice that are fortified with vitamin D.



Getting adequate vitamin D takes a little know-how, but taking the time to make sure you’re focusing on the best food choices and supplements can help support your goals for a healthy lifestyle.