Healthy meal replacer options

DIY Meal Replacement Solutions

Replacing higher calorie meals may help to lower your total daily calorie intake and support your body reshaping goals. There are many convenient products you can buy, such as ready-to-drink and powdered mix shakes. You can also make your own, and we’ve created a collection of Power Blend smoothie and Power Protein Team Up food combo recipes crafted to provide you with the following benefits: 

Great taste and nutrition

  • All recipes contain about 250 calories. 
  • Each supplies a good source of fiber (a component lacking in some commercial products) and an excellent source of protein to help you feel satisfied until your next meal. 
  • Each contains at least ¼ cup of vegetables (a food group most people don’t get enough of), and a good source of at least three essential nutrients.

Ease and flexibility

  • Ingredients are easy to find  in grocery stores and from online retailers, such as Amazon. 
  • Recipes take 5 minutes or less to prepare to enjoy at home, at work, or on-the-go. 
  • Most recipes can be customized to your taste.

Options to accommodate a variety of eating styles, including:

  • Keto-friendly - <6 g net carbs on average per meal replacement. 
  • Vegan - no ingredients derived from animal sources. 
  • Gluten avoidance - no ingredients that contain gluten.
  • High protein, muscle centric - Power Blend smoothie recipes can be used to boost protein in a meal (rather than as a meal replacement).


Try our great-tasting DIY meal replacement solutions to add variety to your healthy eating strategy and support your body reshaping goals.