Juvenescence Appoints Dr. Grazia Piizzi as Chief Scientific Officer

Juvenescence Limited (“Juvenescence”), a life sciences company focused on modifying aging and increasing human healthspan, announced today that Dr. Grazia Piizzi, PhD, has joined its Executive Management Team as Chief Scientific Officer.

Juvenescence is based on a new understanding of the underlying biological causes of aging, creating evidence-based and science-backed therapies. It is focused on increasing how long people live in health by preventing the diseases of aging in the first place. The Juvenescence team includes highly experienced drug developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and investors with a significant history of success in the pharmaceutical and consumer health sectors.

Dr. Piizzi has more than 15 years of experience in the global pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Most recently, she was the SVP of Small Molecules R&D and Head of Inflammation at a Flagship Pioneering startup, Cygnal Therapeutics, decoding the links between peripheral neurons and diseases (2019-2021). Previously, she held the position of Executive Director, Head of Molecular Invention, at Merck Cambridge (2017-2019) to build the new Exploratory Science Center (ESC) and establish a multidisciplinary team and platform to identify opportunities in infectious diseases, microbiome, and immune-cancer-microbiome interactions. Dr. Piizzi also spent 10 years at Novartis Cambridge and Basel leading global teams responsible from target ID to clinical candidate selection across multiple disease areas.

Dr. Greg Bailey, CEO of Juvenescence, said: "Aging is an incredibly complex biological event where multiple pathologies compromise our ability to live healthy. For any company to address and modify how we age so that we can live healthier and longer, you need to be very inventive and innovative using combinations of therapies. Dr. Piizzi is an extraordinary fit because of her imagination and curiosity backed by rigorous scientific discipline. Juvenescence is very lucky to have someone with these qualities join us as our CSO. There are a number of areas that are going to be a focus for us going forward, and Dr. Piizzi’s background will accelerate and optimize these opportunities.”

Dr. Piizzi said: “I’m focused on building the portfolio, bringing new skills, assets and technologies into this company. Science is changing how we look at aging and age-related diseases. I will work with a talented team to bring that science to real products and therapies that can transform lives.”


Juvenescence Limited is a life sciences company developing therapies to modify aging and increase healthy human longevity. It was founded by Jim Mellon, Dr. Greg Bailey and Dr. Declan Doogan. The Juvenescence team consists of highly experienced drug developers, entrepreneurs and investors with a significant history of success in the life sciences sector. Juvenescence will create, partner with or invest in new companies with longevity-related therapeutics by in-licensing compounds from academia and industry or forming joint ventures to develop therapeutics for longevity. Juvenescence believes that recent advances in science have greatly improved our understanding of the biology of aging and seeks to develop therapeutics with the possibility of slowing, halting or potentially reversing elements of aging.

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