Chrysea Acquires Rodon Biologics to Strengthen Capabilities in Synthetic Biology and Biopharmaceuticals Development

Chrysea Acquires Rodon Biologics to Strengthen Capabilities in Synthetic Biology and Biopharmaceutical Products Development.

13 February 2024

  • Chrysea acquires operational capability, skills and know-how, to drive capital-efficiency.
  • Chrysea accesses a highly-seasoned team in biomanufacturing - quality human talent as assets.
  • Rodon Biologic accesses existing synthetic biology capabilities from Chrysea, for use in the biopharmaceutical industry.


Dublin, Ireland and Oeiras, Portugal – Chrysea Limited (“Chrysea”), has announced the acquisition of Rodon Biologics (“Rodon”) from Iberfar Group. Rodon is a company with over 20 years of expertise in biomanufacturing and development of biological products. This acquisition will allow Chrysea to integrate a variety of skills and know-how for protein engineering, cell-line development, precision fermentation, downstream processing, formulation, analytics and production into its existing capabilities.


Rodon Biologics will continue to operate independently, serving its wide range of existing and new clients in addition to Chrysea’s projects. This acquisition will provide Chrysea with a platform to strengthen its plans for bringing to market its products developed by synthetic biology and Rodon Biologics will access advanced synthetic biology capabilities and tools for Chrysea to broaden its offering to the biopharmaceutical industry.


The team at Rodon Biologics has a well-established track-record in the development of biopharmaceuticals such as  novel antibody based multispecifc formats, cytokines and growth factors as well as added-value consumer products, enzymes and food ingredients and supplements. This will further enhance Chrysea's recent expansion of product platforms for the development of rare and hard-to-source ingredients, which are not economically attainable nor sustainably produced using chemical synthesis.


The company reaffirms its dedication to pioneering innovative solutions and propelling progress in the formulation, production, and market introduction of products that are produced through sustainable and eco-friendly methods. Moreover, this move significantly enhances Chrysea's development capabilities in the biopharmaceutical industry by leveraging its existing state-of-the-art synthetic biology know-how and technologies. “Chrysea's acquisition of Rodon Biologics represents a pivotal moment in its strategic growth and expansion trajectory. This acquisition places Chrysea at a vantage point to address the surging demand for development and biomanufacturing within the biopharmaceutical and synthetic biology sectors”, said Pedro de Noronha Pissarra, Chief Executive Officer of Chrysea Limited.


The Rodon acquisition was also supported by Juvenescence Limited (“Juvenescence”). “We're delighted to continue our support for Chrysea on its mission to develop high-quality and impactful products. This acquisition represents a truly remarkable opportunity", said Richard Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of Juvenescence.


About Rodon Biologics

Rodon Biologics is well recognized and trusted contract research development and manufacturing organization for cell-culture based development and production of proteins and other molecule types using engineered, E.coli, Yeast and Mammalian cells. Over 20 years they have successfully collaborated on numerous projects to deliver process and products to small, mid and large size companies on an international level supporting projects from discovery, through research to manufacture.

About Iberfar Indústria Farmecêutica SA

Iberfar Group is a Portuguese pharmaceutical Group, founded in 1924 and whose activities cover EU cGMP contract manufacturing and contract packaging, quality control and EU batch releases,  marketing, distribution and regulatory affairs, logistics and warehousing.


About Chrysea


Chrysea is a biotechnology company revolutionizing the healthcare and wellness industry with precision healthy-lifespan interventions. Leveraging tools of Synthetic Biology and Data Analytics we have unlocked the potential to manufacture products of unparalleled purity at scale, introducing solutions previously inaccessible to industry.  Our approach integrates these advanced tools seamlessly into our operations, enabling us to establish a vertically integrated, sustainable business model that spans from laboratory research directly to the consumer.  Chrysea’s products are backed by rigorous science-backed clinical research, ensuring pure, safe, functional ingredients and brands that consumers can trust. Join the movement towards a healthier future with Chrysea. For more information see:

About Juvenescence

Juvenescence is a life sciences company developing therapies to modify aging and increase healthy human lifespan. It was founded by Jim Mellon, Dr. Greg Bailey, and Dr. Declan Doogan. The Juvenescence team consists of highly experienced drug developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and investors with a significant history of success in pharmaceutical drug development, synthetic biology, and tissue and cellular engineering.

Juvenescence has a broad portfolio of products in development and is driving innovation, with a focus on discovering and developing these therapies to modify the aging process, through prevention and by regenerating damage, to support healthy aging and increase health span. For more information see:

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