Hill Dickinson: Interview with Colin Watts, JuvLife CEO, about ketones, ketone metabolism research, and Metabolic Switch

Global law firm Hill Dickinson caught up with Colin Watts, JuvLife CEO, to talk about ketones, ketosis and longevity, and our Metabolic Switch® ketone ester drink and powder that was recently clinically proven to put your body in ketosis within 30 minutes.

The interview was part of the run-up to the Juvenescence-sponsored Webinar on May 10, 2022, titled “Investing in the future of longevity, the ketone chapter.” Colin covers the exciting opportunities in ketone metabolism research as well as the introduction of Metabolic Switch® in the United States.

“The ketosis market has seen considerable growth in recent years,” Colin comments. “Because it is showing great promise for a range of applications in health, wellness, and possibly also physical and cognitive performance.”

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Disclosure: Juvenescence is a client of Hill Dickinson.