The dataset created by this partnership is one of the most comprehensive and multidimensional biological datasets to be applied to the study of biological aging

Juvenomics is a joint venture between Juvenescence & G3 Therapeutics focused on developing validated functional foods and pharmaceuticals to combat biological aging and aging-related diseases.

Juvenomics is built on the unique combination of G3 Therapeutics’ multiomic biological dataset, consisting of trillions of proprietary datapoints collected in the GLOBAL Clinical Study (NCT01738838) of over 7,500 patients, and the unique machine learning platforms assembled by Juvenescence. This dataset is entirely proprietary and non-public, giving Juvenomics a unique ability to accelerate discovery and development of therapeutics.

G3 is a global leader in the application of unbiased big data and has assembled a platform that utilizes deep phenotyping, molecular profiling and learning of novel drug targets. The partnership with Juvenescence brings biological big data to longevity science and holds great potential for new learning as we push the boundaries of healthy aging.