Dr. Greg Bailey, MD

Executive Chairman / Co-Founder

Dr. Greg Bailey, MD, a co-founder and the Executive Chairman of Juvenescence, is a physician, financier, and biotech entrepreneur with extensive experience founding and financing healthcare companies.

Dr. Bailey is driven by the important opportunity to truly modify aging based on rigorous science. The goal: to use his track record and drug development expertise, and that of his partners, to find compelling products and raise the extraordinary amount of money necessary to fulfill the promise of Juvenescence.

Dr. Bailey was a former managing partner of Palantir Group, Inc., a merchant bank specializing in biotech and intellectual property and he was the initial financier and an independent director of Medivation, Inc. (MDVN:NASDAQ), acquired by Pfizer in 2016. He also led the seed financing of Biohaven Pharmaceuticals Holding Company Ltd. and joined the board in 2014.

Previously, he founded or financed Ascent Healthcare Solutions, VirnetX Inc. (VHC:AMEX), and SalvaRx Group PLC. He is also a board member of AgeX Therapeutics.

Dr. Bailey has an MD from the University of Western Ontario and practiced emergency medicine for 10 years prior to becoming a serial entrepreneur.

Dr. Bailey has embraced a healthy lifestyle that includes biohacking, proper diet and a comprehensive exercise program: high-intensity training, weightlifting, aerobic exercise and yoga.

In the Media with Greg Bailey

[Podcast] - Alejandro Cremades Interviews Greg Bailey on Creating $28 Billion in Shareholder Value

On the Dealmakers Show Bailey talks about the problem with taking VC money, biotech investing, ketosis, and essential supplements for living longer.

Past Events & Conferences

  • [Conference] Hevolution | The Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity: Enabling Longer, Healthier Lives in the Gulf  

    [Conference] Hevolution | The Global Roadmap for Healthy Longevity: Enabling Longer, Healthier Lives in the Gulf

    February 19, 2023 | Saudi Arabia

    Dr. Greg Bailey was part of a panel of Healthy Longevity Innovators who spoke about their work and opportunities in the space and how they see the road evolving. Panel starts at 5:28.00.

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  • [Interview] Voister Interviews Dr. Greg Bailey at WebSummit 2022  

    [Interview] Voister Interviews Dr. Greg Bailey at WebSummit 2022

    Through healthy habits and anti-aging drugs, we have every possibility of getting another 8-10 healthy years. It may sound like a dream, but Juvenescence produces pharmaceuticals that aim to make it possible. Voister interviewed the company's CEO, Greg Bailey, during Web Summit in Lisbon.

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  • [Conference] Web Summit 2022 | Lisbon  

    [Conference] Web Summit 2022 | Lisbon

    Dr. Greg Bailey hosted WebSummit's 2022 HealthConf track where industry giants, disruptive startups, investors & innovators gathered to redefine healthcare.

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  • [Conference] Master Investor Show 2022  

    [Conference] Master Investor Show 2022

    Dr. Greg Bailey and Jim Mellon at Master Investor's flagship event for private investors, ‘The Master Investor Show’. This conference includes presentations from leading companies and experts within the financial and investment sectors.

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[CONFERENCE] Investing in the Age of Longevity

The lifespan revolution is coming – find out how to connect, collaborate and invest. Dr. Greg Bailey spoke about investment opportunities and the future of the industry.