Alexander Pickett

Managing Director

Alexander Pickett is Managing Director at Juvenescence, where he oversees new opportunity onboarding. Since 2014, he has worked with Juvenescence founding partners Greg, Jim, and Declan at Mediqventures, Ltd., a multi-family investment partnership and merchant bank where he supported existing investments at Portage Biotech Inc., including Portage Pharma Ltd. and Biohaven (NYSE:BHVN).

Alexander worked with Ian Walters to help found SalvaRx Limited, a cancer immunotherapy-focused investment company that was later merged into Portage Biotech.

Prior to joining Mediqventures, Alexander was an associate at Flatley Venture Capital, a cystic fibrosis-focused investment arm of the John J Flatley Company, where he was responsible for investment analysis and scientific due diligence. Alexander co-founded Real Life Sciences, a start-up focused on software-based patient-engagement solutions to improve patient recruitment to clinical trials.

Alexander has a BA in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Harvard College, where he was a Microbial Studies Initiative Undergraduate Fellow and a team member in the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition.

Alexander’s choice of physical pursuits takes him to the mountains. He is an avid skier.