11 Leading Programs

Our 11 leading programs heading into the clinic or on to the market cover the huge unmet medical needs of age-related disease. These technologies and targets range from regenerative medicine, youthful cell signaling, and inflammation reversal to aging heart and brain improvement, and cellular membrane restoration. 

Backed by vast amounts of research and supporting data, they present ownable commercial opportunities.

Roadmap and Clinical Timelines

A Whole-System Mindset

In other words, we think about the complete person when developing our therapeutics. We combine breakthrough scientific discoveries with the right opportunities to bring proven therapies to market.

A Diverse Pipeline Targeting Prevention—Built from our Unique Approach

  • Opportunities


    We target diseases with huge unmet medical need and market potential—for both Rx and Consumer.

  • Innovations


    We develop in-house and in-licensed innovative therapies with leading drug developers until proof of concept.

  • Partnerships


    We partner with leading scientific organizations around the globe to translate breakthrough science into therapies, cellular therapies, and nutritional supplements used to treat and prevent age-related diseases.