Juvenescence Bottles and Powder

Your Guaranteed Path to Ketosis

You work hard to stay in ketosis, but sometimes life can take you a little off track. With Metabolic Switch, you can get back into ketosis in just 30 minutes.


Six Health Benefits of Ketosis

There is a growing body of science that supports positive benefits of being in ketosis that go beyond diet.

Drink or Powder?

Both provide the power of extra ketones to keep you in ketosis for several hours. Which one fits your lifestyle?

Ketosis in a Scoop

If you prefer citrus or lemon, try mixing your own flavor with Metabolic Switch powder. Use a shaker bottle, ice, and your favorite water-enhancing drops.

Juvenescence bottle in hand

Ketosis in a Bottle

Our Chocolate Nitro drink is ready to go — just chill, shake, and drink.



Is Metabolic Switch proven to work? 

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Nutrition Association proves that the active ingredient in Metabolic Switch, bis hexanoyl (R)-1,3-butanediol (BH-BD), also known as C6 Ketone Di-ester, induces ketosis in healthy adults at rest, so yes it works!

Metabolic Switch can put the body into ketosis within 30 minutes. The keto diet or fasting can take one or more days to achieve ketosis, making Metabolic Switch a great complement to any routine. This study proves that you can reach ketosis without following a strict keto or fasting diet; however, it’s important to keep in mind that consuming ketones should not be a replacement for healthy eating.

How will I feel? How do I know it’s working? 

Ketones are a highly effective source of energy. You might notice that you have higher energy levels or an increased ability to focus. Not feeling anything? No worries! Research has shown that you’re still getting benefits, whether you feel it or not.

What is the difference between the powder and the drink? How do I know which is best for me? 

The powder and beverage are both ketone ester products with the same health benefits. The main difference is in how you consume them.

Our unflavored powder has the benefit of flexibility. You can add water-enhancing drops (citrus works well) or stevia to help with the aftertaste. It’s a great value per scoop. For strict keto dieters, it also contains no net carbs.

For customers looking for a pre-mixed, ready-to-consume option, our ketone ester beverage is the easy go-to.

What does it taste like? 

All high-quality ketone esters have a noticeably strong taste. That’s why we recommend starting with smaller servings and taking your Metabolic Switch with a chaser or mixer.

For the drink: We recommend keeping your Metabolic Switch in the fridge, and chasing with something like coffee, gum, or a spoonful of PB to help with the aftertaste.

For the powder: One of the advantages of our powder is that it can be easily with flavors and mixed to soften and even mask the taste. Add your favorite water enhancing drops, citrus, or stevia sweetener. Add ice to make it cold and shake it up with a shaker bottle. Drink immediately after mixing for best results. For more tips, check out our user guide or recipes page.

You might still notice a slight “ketone ester” flavor. If so, we recommend drinking water after consuming your Metabolic Switch to help cleanse the palate. Don’t worry - you’ll get used to it after a few days!

Can Metabolic Switch replace the keto diet? 

Metabolic Switch allows you to switch to burning ketones for energy without a restrictive diet or fasting. If you’re already on the keto diet, Metabolic Switch can complement your diet and even help you stay in ketosis. That said, taking Metabolic Switch has not been studied for weight loss benefits. That's because when you’re taking Metabolic Switch, the ketones come from the powder or drink, not your own fat.