Various alcoholic beverages in clear glasses

Keeping Happy Hour Keto-Friendly

Whether you’re at home or out at your favorite bar or restaurant, you can enjoy alcohol in moderation while keeping to our keto or low-carb lifestyle. Try the tips below to help you have a happier happy hour.

 Enjoy alcohol in moderation 

  • One drink = 1.5 oz. 80 proof distilled spirits (1 oz. if 100 proof), 5 oz. wine, or 12 oz. beer.  
  • Besides carbs, alcohol supplies calories (7 calories per gram). If you have a weight loss goal, limit alcohol to special occasions or avoid it altogether to support your goal.  

 Keep hydrated 

  • Alternate sips of an alcoholic drink with sips of water. 
  • Choose still or sparkling water as a cocktail mixer. 

 Choose lower-carb swaps 

  • Below are ideas if you choose to drink distilled spirits, wine, or beer: 


Beverage Chart


Think your drink to support your keto or low-carb lifestyle by enjoying alcohol in moderation, keeping hydrated, and choosing lower-carb options.