Women meditating

Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

By Barb Anderson, MS, RDN, Kristin M. Nieman, PhD, Anita T. Shaffer, RDN

Our mind impacts our body, and our body impacts our mind. This interplay between mind and body can contribute positively or negatively to your overall health and well-being. What do we know about this important connection and how can it enhance our well-being journey?

The facts

The benefits

How can you tap into a positive “connection”?


  • Unplug – when was the last time you unplugged from autopilot and stayed in the moment? Give it a try! Multitasking drains us — we miss the “now”.
  • Spend time in nature! Being outside can boost your mood.
  • Leverage social support – ask for help and give help, both boost overall health.
  • Create a time and place to practice mindfulness and self-care— you are worth it.


Health encompasses the whole person. Put healthy actions into play – the decision to act is yours!