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Brainy Health Habits

As we age, incorporating lifestyle changes that foster healthy brain aging are key. Keep reading to learn the latest research on impactful steps that can help promote successful cognitive aging including movement, brain healthy foods, and strengthening your mind-body connection.

The facts

Move and eat for a healthy brain

  • Get moving! Exercise helps improve learning, memory, attention, and cognitive flexibility.
  • Eat brain-healthy foods within your holistic eating pattern:
    • Load up on fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in plant nutrients called flavonoids — think berries, kale, and other dark green leafy vegetables.
    • Choose whole grains if you include grains in your eating pattern — think brown rice, wild rice, barley, whole-grain pasta, quinoa, or bulgur wheat.
    • Use extra-virgin olive oil as your cooking oil.
    • Grab a handful of nuts when you need a crunchy snack.
    • Include seafood (if your eating pattern allows) — check out new fish ideas at your local butcher or fish market.
    • Mix it up with meat-free meals each week. Try recipes that use legumes as the protein source.

More brain boosters


Implement these healthy brain building blocks to help boost your cognitive function, feel accomplished and satisfied in your day-to-day activities, and empower your healthy aging journey. You are worth it!