The Simple Biotech Podcast: ‘Investing in the Longevity Industry: The Greatest Investment Opportunity in Human History’

What makes longevity one of the greatest investment opportunities in human history? And what are companies doing to make the future of longevity a reality? Dr. Gregory Bailey, MD, CEO of Juvenescence discusses innovations in the longevity space in this interview with host James Ruhle of ‘The Simple BioTech Podcast’.

Dr. Bailey explains how he got involved in the longevity space, how Juvenescence started and the types of partners and work they are investing in to make advancements. He also talks about Juvenescence’s new ketone ester product launch and the benefits it can have.

The frontier of modifying aging is more explosive than people think – listen to the podcast to find out why.

Listen to the episode at The Simple BioTech Podcast.