Metabolic Switch drink and powder

Metabolic Switch Proven to Induce Ketosis in Healthy Humans

We say, “Ketosis. Guaranteed,” but how do you really know? The answer is science. A recent study published in the Journal of American Nutrition Association shows that the active ingredient in Metabolic Switch®, Bis Hexanoyl (R)-1,3-Butanediol (BH-BD), induces ketosis in humans. BH-BD, also known as C6 Ketone Di-ester, is the novel and proprietary ingredient in Metabolic Switch® drink and powder, developed by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and Juvenescence.

Researchers studied the beverage form of Metabolic Switch® to determine that BH-BD effectively induces exogenous ketosis in healthy adults at rest within 30 minutes. The study also looked at the metabolic impact of the C6 Ketone Di-ester on blood glucose and insulin levels.

“It can take at least three days to get into nutritional ketosis when following a ketogenic diet, while fasting (no food or caloric beverages) can take approximately 24 hours,” says Brianna Stubbs, PhD, an expert in exogenous ketone metabolism. “Metabolic Switch® can reduce that time to 30 minutes, without requiring a stringent dietary plan.”

"This study proves you can reach ketosis without following a strict ketogenic diet or fasting.”

Juvenescence developed the C6 Ketone Di-ester to help those following the keto lifestyle reach or stay in ketosis when life gets in the way. It can be difficult to sustain a keto diet or fast. Ask anyone who has tried either in the real world.

“This study proves you can reach ketosis without following a strict ketogenic diet or fasting,” notes Dr. Stubbs, adding that ketone supplementation is not a replacement for a healthy diet. “Eating whole foods and maintaining caloric equilibrium are essential for optimal health.”

Ketosis supports healthy metabolism, sustained energy, mental acuity, healthy immune function, healthy blood sugar, and protects against the breakdown of muscle.

“Ketosis and BHB are being extensively researched for multiple, diverse health benefits,” says Dr. Gregory Bailey, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Juvenescence. “We’re thrilled to be able to bring the benefits of ketosis to people in a simple beverage that fits easily into anyone’s lifestyle.”

Metabolic Switch® is available as a 2.5 ounce drink or in an unflavored powder that can be mixed with your favorite beverage recipe. Both drink and powder deliver the same amount and efficacy of C6 Ketone Di-ester.